Frequently Asked Questions

1. I do not have enough room in my yard for delivery. What are my options?

Advantage Portable Buildings is the local manufacturer of all size buildings. We can send a crew to your home, setup shop and construct the building on your site. We charge a nominal fee of $595. We keep this charge low intentionally to discourage cutting down trees or removing fences.

2. Do I need a permit?

Okaloosa County will ask for a permit on buildings 201 square feet and larger. Smaller buildings do not require a permit.

All city Municipalities ask for permits on all size buildings. Santa Rosa County does not require a permit for storage sheds. Permit fees are the responsibility of the customer.

Permit fees:
Okaloosa County (including city of Shalimar and Mary Esther) - $225
City of Fort Walton Beach - $150
City of Niceville and Valparaiso - $125
City of Crestview - $195
*Town of Shalimar - $20
*City of Mary Esther - $80

*Also requires county permit for any size over 200 sf

3. Do I pull the permit?

Advantage Portable Buildings will pull necessary permits. Kevin Malone - Owner/Operator is a Florida Certified Residential Contractor. CRC #1330420. It is important to note that homeowners that pull their own permit may be liable for any work, including injuries sustained by any workers while on your property. We encourage the customer NOT to pull their own permits.

4. What are my setbacks from my property lines?

Set backs vary depending on the size and Municipality. City of Fort Walton Beach: 3' off back and side property lines for buildings 200 square feet and smaller. 7.5' off back and side property lines for buildings 201 square feet and up.

All buildings that fall under Okaloosa County jurisdiction require a 5' set back from both side and rear property lines.

City of Niceville: 5' for all size buildings
City of Valparaiso: 5' off back and 7.5' off side - all sizes
City of Crestview: 3' off back and side
City of Destin: 10' off back and 7.5' off side - all sizes
Santa Rosa County: 5' off back and side

*Existing Underground Easements may affect placement.
*Home Owner Associations may also predicate location and set backs of storage buildings.
*Corner lots may be subject to increased set backs as to not interfere with the SIGHT line of vehicle traffic.

5. How should I prepare my yard for delivery?

Bushes, trees, and limbs must be removed from the area. No work on leveling the ground is necessary. The buildings will be leveled with concrete blocks and shims much like a mobile home.

We will also tie the building down using mobile home, auger style tie-downs. We are not responsible for unforeseen underground conditions. Let us know if you have any underground utility lines(septic, sprinkler, electric, cable, sewer, and water to name a few).

6. What forms of payment do you take?

Advantage Portable Buildings gladly accepts VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, personal checks, and money orders are all accepted.

7. Do I have a choice of colors?

Yes. We have 11 different colors of siding and trim available.